Our Story

Tom Johnston, founder of MHPTech and the ZeroBack program, is a visionary and true entrepreneur. For more than 30 years, Tom has been an extremely successful executive recruiter, strategically identifying, recruiting, and placing top-notch candidates across every major industry sector and business function. He is consistently and globally recognized as the “headhunter’s headhunter”. One of Tom’s most strategic talents is vested in his uncanny ability to recognize, develop, and nurture a candidate’s strengths and abilities. Teaching men and women to harvest their individual and unique potential is what he does best.

During the 2008 financial crash, companies stopped hiring and the entire global economy was in danger of grinding to a screeching halt. Tom first noticed the impact among the congregation at his church; people were losing their jobs and had no idea how to find new ones. Tom responded by doing what he does best; teaching those men and women the skills required for them to proactively market themselves to employers.

Over the next few years, people began reaping success in finding jobs and developing careers. By using their newly learned career marketing methodologies, word spread that Tom had something special to offer.

In 2015, Tom began, on a volunteer basis, teaching the MyHuntPath program to returning citizens attending the Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute, in Cleveland Ohio. Brandon Chrostowski, Founder, president and CEO of the institute, realized Tom had a unique program that could assist all incarcerated individuals as they prepared to return to their communities. At this point, Brandon introduced Tom to his contacts at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. At the request of ODRC, in 2016, Tom began to deliver the MyHuntPath program at Grafton Correctional and Camp, on a volunteer basis. After graduating a few groups from GCI, Tom was asked, in early 2018, to expand the program to additional facilities in the Northern Ohio region of ODRC. Facilities included, Northeast Reintegration Center, Lake Erie Correctional Institute and Richland Correctional Institute.

As feedback was received from ODRC staff, released graduates and industry experts, the foundation programming of MyHuntPath has been enhanced creating MHPTech’s integrated reentry career education platform, ZeroBack.

The Headquarters Team

Amy Johnston


Tom Johnston

Founder & Chairman

Kim Tyler

Program Director