Travis and Visher of the Urban Institute defined prisoner reentry as “the inevitable consequence of incarceration.”
Currently in Ohio

There are 52,175 men and women incarcerated within our state. 136 of them are awaiting execution. Everyone else is awaiting eventual and inevitable release.


Current trends show that a newly released felon is likely to return to prison within 9 years of release and 85% of the people who were under 23 at the time of release will be rearrested within 5 years of release.

We believe

That a 23 year old can have a productive career spanning over 47 years. The choices they make today will impact the way they spend those 98,750 hours.

lower pay after release
unemployed for up to a year after release
reoffend in the first year after release

What is ZeroBack?

ZeroBack was conceived to forge a bond between heretofore competing camps; Principles and Programs, to obtain quantifiable successful curricula which result in effective intervention and significantly reduced recidivism. ZeroBack recognizes that the critical mass at play in any reentry evaluation or assessment must account for individualized and specialized needs requiring a customized program that has been personalized for each candidate.

ZeroBack respects the partnerships necessary to successfully mend family and community fabric torn by crime and trusts employability as the most quantifiable measure of rehabilitation.

ZeroBack helps to build healthier families, stabilize neighborhoods, and advance public safety by improving employment outcomes for people who have been incarcerated or are on probation or parole.

ZeroBack can reduce the staggering costs to taxpayers for re-incarceration and reduce the stunning rate of recidivism.

ZeroBack clients return to society employable and empowered to help care and provide for their families.

ZeroBack stands ready to help make rehabilitation and corrections a reality by better addressing the needs of those incarcerated and by allaying fears and concerns of the communities that must welcome their citizens home.

ZeroBack will provide the skillsets that will permit corrections agencies, community-based service providers, nonprofits, faith-based organizations and workforce personnel to coordinate and collaborate; thereby having the greatest impact on lowering rates of recidivism.

ZeroBack will enable a higher degree of resource coordination, skill sharing and cost savings unprecedented and not possible under the current system of concentrating and confining reentry and reintegration efforts during the last stages of confinement, control and supervision.

No one “gives” people a job.

Finding a job after prison is hard. In fact, several studies have shown that formerly incarcerated candidates are less likely to get an interview. In some states, those who were previously incarcerated are even legally banned from a number of jobs. In addition, existing pre-release and post-release programs educate returning citizens for specific skills, but they don’t prepare and teach former inmates on how to put those skills to use in the real world.